4 Creative Ways to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing With Email

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Social media is an excellent platform for increasing audience reach and expanding your network. Simultaneously, email marketing is great at converting any leads generated through social networking.

Any customer needs to encounter a brand up to 12 times before making a purchasing decision. Companies integrating email with social media marketing can achieve the milestone sooner. The process, in turn, helps build customer loyalty, drive engagement and generate brand recognition. Even better is the cost-effectiveness of the marketing method.

1. Combine Email and Social Media to Build a Stronger Brand

Customers are only looking for brand integrity and trustworthiness. They also pay attention to the details which are evident in the way social media and email marketing communicates. In case there is even a slight gap, it makes the brand consistency suffer – the emails that you send are fun and informal while the Facebook page is all serious business.

The whole branding becomes weak and potential customers are lost. It is important to sync the language of the emails and social media marketing. This can be facilitated when the marketing teams communicate effectively. Once you do it right, this approach helps you build more effective branding.

2. Use Email List to Make Informed Decisions on Social Media Ads

Ads are a powerful way to convert potential customers, but they don’t come without their costs. Wouldn’t it be nice to know which call-to-action will achieve more conversions?

Use email marketing to test ideas for the ads before you buy them. You can use catchy subject lines, and if anyone of those emails performs well, the same lines can be used for social media.

3. Share Email Newsletter on Social Media

Using your Twitter profile or Facebook fan page to get more subscribers and possible opportunities can give you significant leverage. One can share an exciting piece of content of the newsletter on Facebook and ask the followers if they already receive email marketing. If not, it is a great idea to give them a link for subscription from where they can sign up immediately.

4. Have a Dedicated Landing Page for Your Campaign

A/B testing is essential to find success with email marketing and get a higher number of sales from the efforts which are put in. Guesswork will not work, and the kind of results you are looking for will never be evident.

Equal importance should be given to where the traffic goes from the emails that you send. Most of the time, subscribers click-through from emails to homepage, product page or even specific landing pages. To get higher conversions and best returns on the investment, it always makes sense to create a dedicated landing page and direct the emails to it. It helps in creating a more targeted and specialised brand experience for the audience.

The following factors need to be considered in the landing page:

  • A strong headline that makes the visitor want to read further.
  • A sub-headline that supports that headline. It should also re-emphasise the headline.
  • A supported image or video which explains the purpose of the landing page in under a minute.
  • Social proof such as customer logos, testimonials, etc.
  • A call to action that converts your subscribers into customers.

Again, the message to be conveyed with your email should be in sync with the one on the landing page. Else it defeats the very purpose of creating one.

At Adaan Digital Solutions, we pay special attention to creating consistent communication for a brand to build loyalty and goodwill in the long run. All our brand communication campaigns for social media or email marketing are focused towards the needs of the end-user.