Guide For Facebook Ads Beginners: How to Use Click-to-Messenger Ads

Millions of Facebook users worldwide use Facebook to advertise their brand’s services and products. While some businesses share their product and services information through posts, videos and blogs, the others use the recently developed, click-to-messenger ads. Its popularity grew among social media enthusiasts in 2020. This is why we’ll show you how to become a master at using this platform to attract your audience in 2021.

Have you tried and tested everything on Facebook, but your Facebook ads are not performing well? We’ll help you to run click-to-messenger and get you the leads and help convert them as well.

But first, let’s make you understand – the different types of messenger ads.

You have three ways to advertise on Messenger:

  • Run ads: are sponsored conversations with your audience in the inbox or in between the messenger stories.
  • Sponsored messages: are messages your business can send directly to people you had a conversation with before.
  • Run ads that start a conversation are click-to-messenger ads: CTAs are used in these types of messages. It helps to strike a conversation with your audience.

How To Use Messenger Ads?

Messenger is a great platform that can be used for several purposes, such as:

  • Connect and converse with the audience
  • Follow the customer journeys
  • Generate and convert the leads.

Customers who engage in a conversation are three times as likely to complete a purchase. Having said this, you will first need to direct the audience to your Messenger inbox. Click-to-messenger ad format helps you to drive the traffic directly into Messenger. You can place this ad type across all Facebook’s family:

  • Instagram News Feed
  • Facebook News Feed
  • Instagram stories
  • Facebook stories
  • Messenger stories

Experienced Facebook users already know how well Facebook’s ads manager helps to reach the target audience.

You can create a lookalike audience, for instance, to target your ads. With click-to-messenger ads, you will maximize click-through and conversion rates and boost your return of investment (ROI).

But how will you do it? Let’s help you understand click-to-messenger ads, their best practices and how to use them for a campaign.

Step 1: Define your campaign goal.

A clear and well-thought campaign goal helps you to plan efficiently and track results easily. Having a clear goal doubles the chances of audience engagement, no matter if you want to build brand awareness, generate leads or increase website traffic. All you need to do is get creative with your approach. If you wish to get traffic to your website, create strong CTAs, or if you want to generate leads, add an email address.

Step 2: Create a flow.

To support your goal, creating a flow is vital. You can use online templates or create your own from scratch. Just be sure that your Flow engages the audience. This way, your conversion rates will increase, and you will see more and more people wanting to engage with your business.

Step 3: Set up the Click-to-Messenger ad Campaign.

You first need to click Facebook’s ads manager and create a new campaign. Select the messages as a campaign objective to get started. After selecting the special categories, A/B test setting and campaign budget, you can create the actual ad. Ensure to check the click-to-messenger ads box. The other options include sponsored messages and click-to-Instagram direct ads.

The next step is to choose your target audience, investment amount, i.e. the budget and schedule. Next, select where you want to place your ad. Check the checkboxes to have your ad run on those platforms. Select Instagram stories, for instance, or Facebook posts, to display your ads.

Lastly, select the ad’s budget and schedule, and your ad is ready for creation.

Step 4: Create the ad and link to your Flow.

Choose the correct Instagram and Facebook account to create the ad. Next, select the ad format, i.e. your visual assets, and add your ad’s content (primary text, headline and description copy). Select a strong CTA so that your audience can interact with you in a single click. We suggest ‘send message’ as a CTA to make people aware that they will interact with you.

The next step is to connect your ad to your custom flow. Click ‘message template,’ go to create a new tab, and select start conversation and click edit.

Set up your first message and add buttons such as more info, yes or no, etc. Ensure the text of the button is a CTA. Then, switch the ‘Action’ dropdown menu and select ‘send a postback.’ This way, when people click or tap the button, it will trigger your Flow.

Next, connect the button to a custom flow by copying the Flow’s unique payload. Open the Flow you want to link with the button in your dashboard and click on the ‘More options’ menu at the Chat Editor’s top right. You will see a pop-up with the Flow’s payload. Choose the Flow you want to connect to your Click-to-Messenger ad, and click the ‘Share’ button. Copy this into the ‘Bot payload’ box in the Ads Manager and click Finish. Your Click-to-Messenger ad is now good to go!

Facebook’s click-to-messenger is an insanely powerful tool. If you already used Facebook ads, but you aren’t using the Click-to Messenger ad type, you’re missing some great leads. Similarly, you can use click-to-WhatsApp ads or Instagram ads or click-to-comment ads. Facebook is growing and bringing in some great opportunities for businesses to do well. Make use of these tools and strike a conversation with your audience. Who knows, your business might finally take the flight.