How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Social Media Marketing


Surely, you have noticed how just after searching for a product, its ad appears on your social media applications. Each time you open Instagram or Facebook, you are flooded by ads. What’s interesting is that those ads are always of your tastes and preferences. Have you ever thought about how and why it is possible?

The intervention of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the world of social media has allowed social media platforms to think and act like humans. Social media platforms have now become an indispensable part of people’s lives. Entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations, and various other professionals turn to social media to make an impact on the minds of their targeted audiences and current clientele. With growing technology, AI is perhaps one of the most useful tools to have ever integrated with social media platforms. It has practically changed the game of social media marketing. Here’s why-

  • Enhances User’s Experience AI allows social media marketers to get a closer look at their audience’s preferences. This facilitates marketers in creating targeted content that is often personalised.
  • Facebook and AI – Despite more and more social media platforms coming up each day, Facebook still rules the game. It has loads of data, with more than 350 million photos posted each day. Facial recognition is a major win for Facebook and AI. For businesses, this acts as a golden opportunity to connect with customers as facial recognition instantly suggests the profiles of their users. Selected advertising too, is heavily dependent on AI. AI judges your search and buying patterns along with your complete online presence.
  • Instagram and AI – The explore page of Instagram is nothing if not one of the biggest examples of how AI customises and personalises each user’s explore feed based on his/her interests. It also picks up trending stories and posts from the world. This means that if a marketer uses a trending hashtag, he can reach a wider audience. A value-based feed shows posts not in chronological order, but according to each user’s interests. DeepText AI is a smart algorithm that removes anything that is spam or against the Instagram community guidelines. This also allows marketers to stay away from spam accounts and enables genuine users to find them.
  • Chatbots – Chatbots already exist on various websites and act as experts in answering customer’s frequently asked questions. Why chatbots are a game-changer for marketers and business alike is attributed to the fact that not everyone has enough employees to answer customer queries quickly.
  • Behaviour and Predictive Analysis – Professionals like data scientists and programmers for marketing departments are constantly in demand by companies. This is because their skills will soon be the backbone of most marketing strategies and campaigns. With so many data sets, the internet has become a giant behavioral science laboratory. Using machine learning and big data analysis, AI can provide businesses with deep insights into their customers. This will then facilitate hyper-personalised interactions as well as predictions.

If used correctly, AI is a great tool in the hands of social media marketers. It enhances your connection as well as communication with users, helps collect better quality as well as quantity of data, and provides marketers with deep insights into their customer’s interests as well as behaviours. Get in touch with the social media marketing experts at Adaan Digital Solutions to make the most out of AI.