How to Increase B2B Sales with Content Marketing in 2020

content marketing

Business to Business (B2B) sales is the process of selling to another business instead of reaching out to the customer. In general, it includes a more involved relational and consultative sales process, along with a longer sales cycle. B2B sales work by building relations with other businesses which serve as potential customers. The process involves a range of different sales relationships, including professional service firms like accountants or business suppliers like maintenance companies. Usually, B2B sales teams are divided into territories with specific geographic areas and a defined portfolio to manage.

The following ways can be adopted to get evident results from content marketing in boosting your sales.

1. Quality Content Drives Organic Search Results

Organic traffic to a website is driven by quality content and helps build visitors’ numbers. Higher the traffic, better the results. Modern web search engines are deployed by advanced algorithms which rank websites based on the content quality, importance and recency of content. Social engagements, like shares and likes, are also given importance by search engines. Only relevant and quality content would be shared and liked. High domain authority websites would only bring traffic once you consistently produce quality content, which is not just relevant but original as well.

2. Generate More Qualified Leads with Gated Content

Content formats like white papers, digital books, inquiry about reports and online courses, and so forth are gated with a web form which depends on the necessary channels, complexity of the web forms and the scope of improvement. A common practice is to add a few custom questions over and above the essential business card information.

3. Increase Conversion Rate by Mapping Content with the Buyer Journey

Website traffic has consistently been a significant KPI for conventional advertisers. Lack of relevant content can mean the difference between increased website traffic or high bounce rate. The Google ads or PPC ads on social platforms, for example, Facebook or LinkedIn act as a great channel to display promotions to the target audience. A massive chunk of the traffic goes to just a few landing pages with generic content. Depending on the buyer’s stage in the purchase journey, the content should be relevant enough for each subset to engage in. From there, similar content can be used to remarket to those leads using different platforms.

4. Manage Online Reputation through Content Amplification

Online reputation management has become a vital point of consideration to build trust for a brand. Any negative remarks are typical for any business. It is not a great practice to delete or hide unfavourable comments or comments. Each negative feedback must be replied to at the earliest.

Organisations should continue producing quality substance to feature their skill and thought authority. It is essential to distribute excellent customer feedback and amplify and highlight it across all online platforms for better visibility. Prospects would not mind a few negative comments or remarks after reading 10x positive comments and feedback. An excellent online reputation builds tremendous trust in the brand. The decision-maker feels more confident to purchase the services of the given brand.

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