How To Use Instagram Highlights For Your Business?

Unlike 24-hour stories, Instagram highlights stay permanent in your account. The purpose of highlights is to promote the significant content of your business or personal life. It is an excellent feature of Instagram wherein you can put tiny details about your products or services in the most creative way. Small businesses can take advantage of users’ interest by assembling a top-content collection and displaying it with Instagram highlights.

How to Add Instagram Highlights

The process takes a minute; all you need to do is:

  1. Open an active Story.
  2. Tap Highlight at the bottom of the Story.
  3. Choose a current Highlight or create a new one.

Instagram Stories remain active on your profile for only 24 hours, but if you use Highlights, you can store expired content for later use or leave it there for the profile visitors. This way, your visitors will remain informed about your products, services, latest offers or deals and more.

And if you want to add an archived story, you will have to:

  1. Go to your profile, and tap on the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner.
  2. Select Archive.
  3. Open the Story you want to add to Highlights.
  4. Tap Highlight.
  5. Choose a current Highlight or create a new one.
How to Add Instagram Highlights

Create Instagram Highlight cover images: Instagram Highlights looks best in brand-specific covers. The profile must appear sharp, professional and consistent throughout. Avoid awkward thumbnails as your cover photos. Highlight covers display your business’s branding and style, so use icons to give your profile a neat look. To create icons, use free image tools such as Canva; you will find many templates. Feel free to use your creativity. You can also create Instagram Highlights covers with Instagram’s built-in text on Instagram Stories. If you’re designing your own Instagram Highlights covers, ensure to centre all of the elements so that your cover looks great when it’s cropped.

Keep Your Audience Updated: Instagram Highlights is a great platform to showcase new offers, products or services. It helps to keep the latest information or announcement at the fingertips of your audiences. You can create various tabs such as weekly news, latest offers, influencer meets, or tip of the day to engage your audience. The visitors need to be aware of the newest update in the business with these tabs’ help.

Reserve A Spot For Go-to Resources: People often connect with small businesses on social media pages. Hence, it is essential to have the same kind of resources available for social media visitors as for website visitors. You can showcase the highlights with information about your team, FAQs, or delivery details. Answer questions concerning customer service, product details and more. In a nutshell, reserve a go-to spot on your Instagram profile where website resources are available readily.

Repurpose Content: Although all Instagram stories are repurposed technically, why not take one step further. Images, for instance, are great for repurposing. You might have specific ideas not appropriate for the posts grid; post them as stories. Blog posts can also be repurposed, for instance. Title, a little snippet from the blog can help you get new visitors from your Instagram account.

Provide Something Extra: A little extra is no harm. Utilizing Instagram Highlights for new content that your audience has not seen anywhere else is something to attract your audience’s interest. You can use this space to showcase your team efforts, or how a parcel is packed in your business or some content on Instagram vs reality. Giving something extra to your audience showcases that your brand cares to make an effort to bring the best content to the table.

Share The Spotlight: Influencer marketing on Instagram is a big deal today. Sharing your spotlight with influencers shows that you care about other voices other than your own. Creating a particular Highlight for influencers helps to market the product with fresh voices. Feature the influencers and ask how they feel about your product or services. People start trusting your products if a well-known influencer endorses your brand.

With Instagram Highlights, extend the life of your best Stories by giving your customers more chances to see the content you worked so hard to create. Taking out time for creating social media content from your complicated business tasks can be overwhelming. But, if you put in a little effort, you will be surprised with the results. Today, numerous software takes the load and helps schedule your posts and stories.