The Secret To Optimize Videos Conversion Rates

Is your video content driving traffic but not conversions? If your answer is yes, don’t worry, this problem troubles several marketers and business owners.

With an outbreak of a pandemic, the majority of companies have moved their businesses online and marketing strategies have become competitive. You must keep an eye out for new video optimization opportunities as it’s a recent entrant in the gimmicks of the marketing world. This article offers a few tips and tricks that will help you generate views and leads and convert those leads into sales.

Why Is Video Marketing Powerful?

Today we favour videos more than static imagery and text, which has led to the popularity of video marketing and its strategies. Videos can be both explanatory and amusing, which is one of the major reasons videos have outshined from other forms of content in terms of user consumption.

A well-thought video content paired with an effective video marketing strategy increases the views and conversion rates drastically. But it’s still not a piece of cake to drive conversion. Without video conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies, your video might get views but no sales and profit. Several companies invest in professional agencies because these agencies have video CRO tools and expertise that promises results. Let’s look at some video conversion rate optimization strategies:

Optimize Video Placement

You need to choose a suitable platform or channel for uploading your video content. This can be your social media, your company’s landing page, YouTube, or your product page. Subscription-based businesses create more conversions by posting the videos on their website, while eCommerce retailers can insert video content on their product pages. It is important to access your platform and not rely solely on social media channels.

Optimize Video Type

For video conversion rate optimization, it is important to know your audience and create the content, accordingly. There are several kinds of videos you can upload—customer reviews, promotional videos, informative, animated videos, and product tutorials. With video CRO strategy, you can run your video content simultaneously across different platforms, such as social media and product pages, to understand where your content works best through collected data on viewer engagement.

Add Clickable Links

Another video CRO technique is to add links to your video. This can enhance the user’s browsing or shopping experience. You can embed a live link in your video content that will redirect viewers to the product page. Other than this, you can also add a lead capture form at any point in your video. It is a great option for viewers to receive updates from your company. Viewers will complete these sign-up forms if your video is well-thought and has a powerfully interesting introduction.

Use Marketing Automation

Integrate automation tools into your video for marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns across multiple channels. It replaces manual and repetitive marketing processes and saves time to generate more and better-qualified leads. Such tools allow audience segmentation, lead nurturing, and return on investment (ROI) tracking.

High-Converting Video Content Creation

Today there are tonnes of videos circulating on the internet. While most videos are attention seekers these days, it takes a great video to keep your viewers and convince them to buy your product. With a multitude of videos online, it is important to be outstanding so that the users don’t leave your website. Here are some ways from which you can create a high-converting video:

Hire a Professional: Hiring an experienced agency can help you place your best bet in the digital jungle of videos. These agencies can take care of all aspects, from creative services to delivery of the video.

Customize Your Thumbnail: An eye-catching video thumbnail is one of the best strategies to catch your viewers’ attention. A brief one-liner intro of your video or a smiling person can help you stand out.

Make Your Video Concise and Entertaining: It is vital to be clear and crisp in your videos. No one has the time these days to wait for your content to develop a sense. Entertain your viewers immediately, or they will lose interest.

Provide Product Information: Present your product with as much detail as possible. Include product features, pictures from different angles, benefits, durability, ease of use and shipping and returns.

Tell a Story: Everyone likes a story only if the content is well-placed and makes sense. Explainer videos, for instance, highlight the value of the product and can help increase conversion rates. These kinds of videos can capture your target viewers’ attention.

Understanding which format is right for your target audience helps to persuade them to become a customer. A video is a significant part of the purchase cycle, so understanding the concept of producing a well-thought video, along with, an effective marketing strategy is imperative to increase the conversion and speed up sales.